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tv   San Francisco Government Television  SFGTV  July 29, 2016 8:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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coffee is surrounds the sourcing of that and thinking about where it came from and how and coffee is wonderful. >> i know for a fact i was born to make coffee. i have a notice from the dad let the life i live speak for me and let's have a cup of coffee and talk about it. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ternoon. and welcome to the any kind. proceedings. and when speaking before the commission, if you care to, do state your name for the record.
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i'd like to call roll at this time. commissioner president fong commissioner vice president richards commissioner antonini commissioner moore and commissioner wu we do expect commissioner johnson to arrive shortly and commissioner bobby wilson that to be continuance items one ab fulsome conditional use authorization and the zoning administrator will opine on the variance for indefinite continuance and further under the regular calendar item 8 potrero zoning map staff asked for a continuance to the i
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didn't get all under the discretionary review authorization circuses we received confirm that item 17 a the discretionary review has been withdrawn as a result, the defer will take up the matter during the first recess. >> no others items proposed for continuance. >> okay. thank you any public comment on this item? proposed for continuance. >> good afternoon commission jim counsel to the property owner on potrero and ask the item be heard as quickly as possible if not today this is the correction of an error in the zoning height map on a second story building that covers the lot it existed
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for the last 50 years and thely down zoned to open space despite the plan documents show the property in a 40 feet involvement on error that we're asking that be corrected you know again, the building occupies the full property and been there 50 years i know your calendar is booked up and make sure it is heard as quickly as possible and filled the application last oversight we're concerned about moving forward thank you. >> okay. thank you very much additional public comment on the continuance items. >> specifically i asked about the potrero street item he didn't know what is recalendar i'm concerned that increasing the heights right at the freeway exit and having a demonstration will jeopardy the farm that is there since is 80s and probably before the san jose i'm not knowing the history that well but the reason the farm exists
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and the school exists there is a bunch of rich people complaining and trying to get rid of it i think you need to think about for no reason to make at the seller rich i understand you're trying to correct some deal that didn't glow have not eastern neighborhoods i also wanted to correct a lot about the eastern neighborhoods that is why weaves appealed the beast on bryant it is is we can't do anything's and all the pdr is oh, well lost if we're nothing changing the fooermz ever beast on bryant but for the potrero hill street thank you you can consider what i said thank you. >> so my name is my name is
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silvia johnson. this zoning issues could be corrected you know no strings attached a level on the ground to be organized and if we can create a system like this and zone issues this will not be problems that we have it has - this issue and going on for too long for this organization not to be on resell and on this part - zones makes more sense in our world history - we need
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this discussion of our people in our movies districts and family because they have missed the point of arts and the administration and we don't see - any kind of issues the death is on the native side this issue that comes to and our tv processes and they're not seeing that point this is on their leveling of children's and with the killings and the progress of making shoes where why a lot of those things that are - and not working in economics in
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electronics we heard these things to be you know put to the progresses of recreating and with the phones and every you know equipment that do miracle damage to our processing and the question you put you start running in there that's a medical - it's not the reason why and i think the system. >> thank you, ma'am, your time is up. >> >> is there any additional public comment? >> for the items proposed for continuance not seeing any, public comment is closed. >> commissioner wu just on that item on potrero we want further discussion with the rec and park as pointed out has
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the community garden next door i want to remind everyone this is a clerical error from the eastern neighborhoods plan but the request for changing it from open space to m u o o to raise the height limit staff is not recommending the change in the height limit that's to clarify that was our position but the that note correct. >> i want to correct that actually that is mixed income residential as part of eastern neighborhoods inadvertently zoned to o s as parts of eastern neighborhoods so yeah, it was not changed in the zoning. >> it is the september 8th the appropriate date and september 8th is fine. >> okay. >> for that i'll move to
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continue tempo one indefinitely and item 8 september 8. >> second. >> commissioner antonini i believe there was comment with that that item one you spoke about, sir so why is it indefinitely continued. >> oh, 8 - >> okay. i'm confused i thought there was some comments about item number one. >> no, it was item 8. >> i get it no problem. >> director rahaim. >> oh, no, i'm sorry had was done. >> commissioner moore. >> we've received a couple of interesting e-mails from the gardeners at the farm if you want a copy they were quite interesting. >> there is a motion that has been seconded to continue items as proposed commissioner antonini commissioner johnson excuse me -
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commissioner moore commissioner wu commissioner vice president richards and commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 5 to zero zoning administrator, what say you? >> >> continue 1-b indefinitely. >> commissioners under our consent calendar on broadway this is a conditional use authorization commissioners and staff as well as a number of speaker cards has requested this pulled off of content and take this up in the beginning of the calendar. >> first item please. commissioner moore. >> i was going to ask to move it off content. >> item 3 consideration of draft minutes for july 4th 14. >> any public comment on the draft minutes.
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>> >> are those comments specifically to the minutes. >> first, the policy for that and thank you. any is there any additional public comment on the draft minutes not seeing any, public comment is closed. and commissioner wu. >> move to approve draft minutes. >> second. >> second. >> thank you, commissioners on that motion to adopt the minutes commissioner antonini commissioner moore commissioner wu commissioner vice president richards and commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously and passes united parcel service on commissioners questions or comments. >> commissioner antonini in the chronicle on tuesday an unfortunate story about albert sam. >> on market street that has been in existence foyer one and
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one years and painstaking staking repaired and made to work has been infrequently vandalized with graffiti and needless destruction this is terrible i connected to land use about the activation of streets often we say the businesses are not activating the streets their you know employees are not coming out a bunch of reasons one of the biggest reasons on some of the streets people have not feel safe when there is violent activities concurring frequently the kinds of destruction of the clock and i think we have to move away from the culture of nonpunishment because i think we ask for problems and we ended up getting them because the word is out if one is caught they won't be held
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account for their actions and if they're caught the punishment is modest the attitude none gets hurt not a violent crime therefore not to do much they have a different attitude in san diego a vandal between ages 12 and 16 had caused over one thousands of damage and they documented it they caught him and told his parents, you know, they had to make amends for that and cover the costs and they refused to do so the city and county put a lien on their house and that changed the attitude in san diego they don't have a lot of problems with graffiti because of the teeth in their laws we need to take that sort of attitude in san francisco we want to have vibrant and safe
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and attractive streets we keep repairing those treasures that are historical and continuing are strird by vandals and the same thing with children's mraurtsdz with spend valuable tax dollars and make them pay for what we do i'd like to see that has a way to help us to make our streets things that people can enjoy once again >> i think that concluded commissioners comments. >> let me reset any machine. >> commissioner vice president richards. >> hi we're having because under the discussion please dislocation me a lot of projects that result in decisions dwelling units and the policy issues i keep on bringing up over and over we need to look at the lens the demolition of
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rental units and ava term we need to figure out and density we have 2 of those today coming up i went back to the housing unit and a lot of policies we need to pay attention when we approve those projects one discourage the policy 2.1 retaining the safety and microscopes and without jeopardizing discourage the sound housing unless an increase no affordable housing we're door-to-door hours and creating large unit and going abused policy 2.6 discourage the housing for commercial use and short-term rentals we'll have those issues not able to be rented easily, etc. to i think we're on to that one obviously 3
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protect the affordability of the residential units and preserve the rental units to meet the city affordable housing needs so when we get those decisions we need to understand whether or not we're taking rent-controlled units off the market and if it we are we've pruftd a project on lombard street and girard of the two units and got market-rate housing to help - we are were in a better position consider what we're getting in return and the affordability of the stock by the - we need to see what moderate opportunities a 78 thousand square foot one thousand dollars dollars a square foot i digit doubt it a smaller unit we'll be door-to-door and someone can buy a starter home and the last one
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policy 3.4 preserve the types of older ownership units i'm imagining we see the redefinition of section 317 we're potentially having more under what we consider demo i understand that is the case i want to remind myself and the rest of the commission looking at those policies through all the projects through the lens of these policies and the element and take a look at it there are demos we approved san bruno a small cottage but the result no integrity and improved 4 units that make sense not a hard and fast rule but to make sure we don't take case by case but the second quick items in airbnb third annual report and
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result was basically they said that airbnb is not accruing the housing crisis it is exacerbating it, it is a good way to look at that once we sort this out with whether or not to have real enforcement on airbnb but fourth the impact and everyone is guessing late the the san francisco business times talk about details this the traffic what it does to the economy it is a balance between jobs housing transportation and other things if we keep on adding housing no way to get around the city or bay area it is causing nor problems we need to figure out and an mta with a planning commission it is was a good meeting we started to talk about those issues and another good reading in the san francisco article as commissioners, if there's
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nothing further, we'll move on to director's announcements. >> commissioners, i have no new reports. >> review of the past events of the board of supervisors and the historic preservation commission did not meet yesterday. >> hi arnold for the planning department there was no planning items that was at that land use but the full board hearing we the planning fees ordinance passed it findings second reading and the dwelling units sponsored by supervisor farrell, supervisor wiener and commissioner peskin passed its second reading and the second one passed it first reading also at the board the appeal of planning commission certification of the final eir for 16th street it proposes three hundred and 19 units and 25 thousand square feet of retail and open space and a large lot with a lump berry yard
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in the lower potrero hill it contains a brick office building and others buildings not to be roursdz the appellant raised the height and pdr loss and traffic and historic resources the biggest source of contention the support by the appellants terms the metal shed alternative that will rain the metal shed forces pdr and reduce the count to 4 hundred and 77 that was continued and rejected for a number of reasons for the reason it reduced the count by over 200 the appellant focused focused on the financial feasibility they were contesting the issues and not the environmental impact environmental review not to appeal the large project authorization the project was
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code compliant and at the end the board of supervisors voted 9 to one with supervisor peskin opposing to uphold the certification of the eir and in a cautionary for supervisors supervisor cowen had to be recused because of comments they made regarding the volunteer community benefits that the sponsor was providing she asked he give more and the sponsor offend up $800,000 the city attorney remembered the board the ceqa and only be considering issues pertinent to that after that supervisor cohen supervisor cowen to avoid any taunted and the board of supervisors asked about negotiating with the developer and repeated such conversation be shouldn't be part of ceqa a poodle board voted to recuse her
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and uphold the eir certification and there were no introductions this week. >> thank you, thank you. >> and the board of appeals met a couple of items first, the board of supervisors did confirm the reappointment of commissioner rick swig's and commissioner honda for a 4-year termed commissioner fung is the current vice president and two items that were decided open to the commission both relate to ongoing efforts to retain pdr and make sure those uses are enforced first a letter of determination on bryant tan dopey found it the second story had been illegally been converted to office space and provided a that time his office to office the permitted was listing the proposed office as evidence of an ongoing leg
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office of property never a permitted from the previous industrial use to office space that authorized the change of use but the board felt count permitted history was sufficient to confirm legal office space one of the facts we felt this supported our decision that had been used during the 90s and they're not allowed since 901990 but by sf weekly and under the planning code this is an allowed use office is not but the board felt this was legal offices in the building and overturned my depreciation we had another notice of violation that was corey teague issued it was for illegal conversion of the pdr previously a contractors office to general office use in mc-i
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but within the area subject to the moratorium in place since september or october of 2014 and this use was established in 2015 picture i think we have a clear and strong case and the boards amazing upheld our determination this is one of the sites that has an application pending for a large project and some have been in the central soma and both were in central soma last night so wanted to make you aware of that thank you. >> thank you commissioner vice president richards. >> what was the votes on the one they did not uphold. >> it was 4 to one with commissioner adams commissioner lazarus voting in favor of our determination. >> thank you. >> commissioners item 7 case
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pennsylvania avenue an informational presentation and david winning slow on december 3rd, 2017, the planning commission approved the proposed project on 22 and pennsylvania avenue per planning commission motion 19523 as part of approval the commission added a condition of approval to better address the typography of the surrounding neighborhood since the public hearing the department staff undertook a design process with the project architect steve perry new owners represented julian planning commission and representatives from the dog patch neighborhood association dna representative in particular and the potrero boosters
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based on this design review the property owner project sponsor has revised the project as follows: dwelling units the revised project increases from 20051 to i'm sorry 200 and 57 the revised mix includes one and 44 one bedrooms, one two bedrooms and 13 three bedrooms open space the revised project increases the amount of open space from 23 hundred plus to thirty thousand plus square feet of open space as pdr the revised project reduces the amount of pdr from 45 thousand to 22 thousand plus square feet off-street parking it reduces from 200 and 13 to one and 65
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and massing the revised project incorporated a 55 break and opens on the courtyard and the height of the project has been revised the revised project reduces the overall height and incorporates roof lines better distinguished portions relative to the tap graph and neighborhood pattern the materials of the project have been revised to incorporate a wider variety of materials that distinguish the building relative to the typography i'd like to i'm going to turn it over to the architect steve perry to illustrate the changes thank you. >> may i have the overhead
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please. >> good morning. my name is a steve per with perry architects david said i was brought into the project about the beginning of the year and we looked at the project with a fresh look starting with the overall massing this image shows a basic massing where the building was from we started we identified with the planning commission or the planners and neighborhood groups some of the issues that everyone saw and these included an assessly bulky building with the silhouette with the background and no vaporization and sameness and not working
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with the context of the neighborhood to the first look at this was to start to look at the context of the massing and how did massing works with the transformation of the dog patch in the potrero hill and introduced large massing elements to the south as we move forward to the north started to introduce more segmented massing up potrero hill the first, we did we were able to reduce the height in the building and also started to create variation in the roof lines. >> so this image here which unfortunately didn't printout you'll see in our booklet this is the lower building and this building what we've done
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actively increased the width of the break in the center of the this and at the corner building kept that 2, 3, 4 take the changes we made to the streetscape we created the cafe and incorporated the stairway into the entry of the building. >> and then as you can see with the lower building excuse me - the upper building we start to create different architectural expressions those architectural experienced broke down into each building they have their own identity as far as massing and materiality. >> and as you can see maybe in our booklets better we have an a, b, c, d, and e expressions of the building with the first
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building to the north this is an e b mid building that starts with variations that the geometry of the balconies and a building that is clad in metal panel i'm sure to run out of time this next building working with the gentlemen this is as composition that is basically flanking more colorful slots this building is also clad in metal panel with a small recess in the windows the third building this is primarily a placeer with more horizontal attitude clad with
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the glass that represents the bay and light and shadow this is the d building this is based on the massing the city losses to the east osie loss are basically vertical elements that are march down the side this is a metal panel building with placer in it. >> and this is the late building here the placeer building but it will have a more iconic panel with the pattern that is an abstraction of the towers and the cranes on the flat lands
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thank you. >> thank you. >> opening it up for public comment i have no speaker cards. >> any public comment. >> hello, my name is silvia johnson. my comments does not fly on this issue because plat gone is not - >> mrs. johnson if you're comments don't employ them. >> any public comment on this item? public comment is closed. >> commissioner antonini. >> yeah. i followed the progress of this building and quite a bit before the most recent provisions this is going to be much more pleasing
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functionally and it is very good to see i had the occasion to speak to someone a planning commissioner and have that design review part of the planning commission and they have public reviews before it actually goes to the full commission that happens in a lot of places and might be something to consider anything to involve the chartered charter we might be able to make some of the progress before and maybe expedite the progress of getting projects shaped in a direction that meets the public good earlier this is something to throw out as a possibility i've served as all the commissioners on post approval are intern approval committees to work with
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the design of buildings that are before us so food for thought. >> commissioner moore. >> this prolong was creative and attend by many people but still unfocused with people looking at the issues at hand i gridlock appreciate the architect affording themselves to step back from the project to square one taking a refresh look at the context to see this building modeled in the context of what many momentum is only a visions of a project beyond this project on the hill that itself created new way of discussing this issue and what we see will be a great fit for will be the next step and steps beyond. >> great i want to say thank
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you to the project sponsor a huge improvement from what we had before i know that commission took a risk letting the design coming afterwards i don't want that it sends a message to project sponsors we've approve that but anyways that says a lot to the progress to thank you to the architect stepping back. >> commissioners, if there's nothing further, we'll move on to for the benefit of the public i received a number of speaker cards for the potrero item number 8 for 2015 at 1493 through 97 this matter was continued to september 8th okay. that item will not be considered today. >> commissioners that places us on general public comment not to exceed 15 minutes at this time, members of the public may address the commission to the public that are within
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the subject matter jurisdiction of the commission except agenda items. with respect to agenda items, your opportunity to address the commission will be afforded when the item is reached in the meeting. each member of the public may address the commission up to three minutes. ma'am, ma'am, you can come up and speak you have to give each person their chance to speak. >> meeting. each member of the public may address the commission up to three minutes. there are no speaker cards. >> >> , sir mr. president, i'm brad paul i took time off from work to speak as an individual about an item on the agenda i wanted in support of eir for the. >> sir, sir well actively unfortunately, a slight his print i should mention thank you the draft eir used language we proving used for procedures for the draft eirs this is closed so this will be your opportunity to speak to the aau draft eir.
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>> thank you. i support it i realized walking i've been speaking to the commission over 4 two years and used to on housing issues in late advertising and 90 and answered your questions i have sympathy but i have to say in my experience no issue has hung on this long i've been anger before i've let go of any angry i think you're taking the right step but understand the deputy of this problem i brought you in this case copies of forbes magazine from last fall a national exposito on this issue an indictment how we let this going on and it is a good reading read it not right now but the academy of art i've said this agreement
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they're the masters of delay the delay has worked in their favor a put off a final resolution with our certification the draft eir we can begin a discussion and in that spirit i want to present an issue about the kinds of things in a global warming solution to this problem. >> go ahead. >> first, we need to build now housing student housing to meet the needs of at least 50 percent of their students who registration in san francisco in san francisco they can quickly reach this goal although is that the timer they can reach this by converting the triple a building at the corner of van ness i believe it will be offices but they can quickly create hundreds and hundreds of unit and return the hundreds of rental unit back
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to the city's housing market these are desperately needed units and require them to have 12k5ib8d assessed to all of the property but more importantly to a impact concentrated gra concentrated impact. >> this is to the adequacy of the environmental impact you're speaking to the issues. >> i was told you can speak to this adequacy i'll take another 10 second it is an important idea to have a concentrated and put a cap on the number of students anybody can write and check not the way any imp worked for the college in you create a
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concentrated campus and ended the private use of the recreation programs and ask you to reject all of the cus thank you, sir. >> thank you, mr. paul. >> so i will remind the members of the public that for the draft eir coming up under the regular calendar the public comment elder is closed and the commission at least today will not create comments that the public comments on the certification may be presented to the commission during this portion of agenda. >> i'm going to interrupt the public comment commissioner antonini. >> yeah. i want to make a statement we're beginning some of the discussions on the academy of art university university and we have received some letters and comments where i have a conflict was my family and i own a property in a study
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area of the study areas that are being permitted by the aau and on april 16th, you 2015 i had recused myself to seek advise from the city attorney and in the interim we've been advised that there is no conflict and the property is nine-hundred feet from any property that is owned by aau and actually, the property that is ended by aau has been taken out of the draft eir so i've been advised no conflict i'll be participating in this hearing. >> so for those in the public that questioned this issue we deferred to the city attorney and it is exactly where we're at at this point. >> mr. paul hand a copy over the rail please.
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>> next speaker, please. >> i'm sorry commissioner paskin-jordan. >> yeah. really quick to keep things organized in light of what happened on the board of supervisors 901 i ask we organized our comments to the internal revenue first and take a matter open that and move to the other item with the aau i'm confused what is happening. >> secretary can you help me out. >> sure two separates items on the agenda the first related to the aau the certification of the environmental impact report that will be taken up separately from the matter item item 10 is a planning code text mainstreamed at the request of the project sponsor for the academy of art university right. i think i heard you say earlier you've used other language. >> unfortunately, the draft eir language in the agenda uses
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defers to the general public comment period for the opportunity to synonym their comment on items 9 for the certification of the eir since i've taken over as secretary we modified that to take public comment when called unfortunately, i of the not here as i indicated last week and used older language. >> so i'll ask we have done with the draft eir public comment and ask the people to keep the comments to the a adequacy of the eir. >> no action item general public comment can be used as well towards the project as well not on the agenda. >> i guess i'm not confused anymore. >> thank you very much.
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>> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm paul wormer and i sort of second what brad paul said i support the approval the draft eir to move forward i do want to raise a couple of related issuance the eirs are contained what they cover lawful issues not covered in the eir or the estn that actually are a significant impact on the city on housing and quality of life, and on access to public amenities that really are not coveted in the eir and i urge you to seriously consider those aspects as you go forward commissioner vice president richards i very much appreciated our comments on the impact on
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housing of demolition, etc. and clearly conversion of rental housing to student housing is a big impact i think there is a question of whether for example, increased density in residential areas as proposed is appropriate for student housing or if it might not be better used for example, affordable housing under the group housing which is a permitted use in residential areas i think there is you've raised good issues that need to be considered when you move forward with the serviced eir i also surprisingly enough very much endorse the comments of commissioner antonini about the need for enforcement of code and having penalties that are sufficient to disincentivizes the violation of the code a case
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before you the aau case the huge number of violations that go book back with no apparent concern of the violations where the rigorous enforcement of the code is relevant. >> next speaker, please. >> so my name is silvia johnson. in this issue the file number 151274 has been i don't have time to explain and this district for the proposals of voters for charter city and city and county san francisco for elections has been
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no quality act as far as planning codes that has in departments in determinations and actions of you know proposals of charters and no quality act and this is why i'm saying that has been a charter mixed on filings there is no reason on that than this program as your processing and in san francisco for voters this charter 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 7, 8, 9 always been marked out on
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process for an old conversation and this is where we're you know our abilities have been thrown out and these issues of have nothing on this is - >> and this is where there's been a lot of problems on businesses and we don't you know issue that project the half mission - >> and arts during the process making arts a my abilities and take it - that's not where this issue should go it should go on as
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program you know in mission even in the program in this hearing it should be security guards and i have already put army issue on that because this is going out of portion our abilities to recreate and put new - >> next speaker, please. >> hello commissioners. i'm christi live in university terrace and neighborhood surrounded by the upper and lower campuses of usf and in negotiating with usf about their impact on hi neighborhood i accidently became an expert in the town relationships i wanted
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to live peacefully a huge guerilla in backyard and i want to have you commissioners look at the academy of art university i think one of the terms that they used in describing their campuses having a skaufrtd campus lots of building throughout the city that is really a problem there's a different term usf used called a distribute active campuses so the cameras and students are integrated their approaches that is as a prior educational building from what they're using downtown as the following gestures building
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that- i think this kind of logic and thought a plan full way of considering where all the buildings should be i think the on that by making some of that has integration of academic student housing and administration they're more closely thoughtfully planned does not require people running around the city to provide aau provide transportation 3rd of all that transportation for students for faculties should really be done through sfmta through our own transportation system rather than have buses blocking, etc. so part of what i'll talk about when i talk about the imp are adequacy sisters but with regards to the eir i think that it is very important to consider
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that you have - you have housing academics and i'm sorry and administratively altogether to thank you very much. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. i'm karen and i'm primarily been here before you on issues related to japantown and you've given me a good education as far as the need for really looking at the impacts of the planning that goes on and what happens to our neighborhoods and the academy of art university is reels interesting because it is not just one neighborhood it is citywide and we see so many neighborhoods being affected and the issues that we keep on seeing and hearing about is you
8:54 pm
can talk about the housing and are the standards up to where they should be and how is the transit going to work and work effectively their citywide and their huge and they really need our cafeteria attention i know how conscious so i urge to you pay attention and other speakers have gone into detail and raised some of the important questions. >> thank you. >> i agree with karen thank you. i've learned so much sitting in this room i appreciate all the hard work and the hours i know it can't be fun and all the time you get knocked on the head i submitted 18 multi one-way streets and they're one
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of the most interesting things a quo co-relation between the fast moving 1-way street traffic and propensities of criminal behavior and retail i'll love to say thank you and can't wait for that and forwarded an article from google thousands of people fast growing company and forwarded this to jonas one is very linear in type a and one creative this is type b not making nor time for you but in terms of the engaging the citizenry and how they interact we have an issue about languages 16 hundred language on the planet and it is intimating for an individual not investigations to come and did you especially we're afraid of saying something
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that might not think e be accepted by the commission more open space for us laymen to come and talk this imagery is in the rhetoric of the brain the willed over powers the right side but the virtual imagery this is a planning cartoon i've received i don't know if you receive those planning car depends on but looks at south america soma 25 feet wide in the middle of a freeway i found it funny and finish with a piece from alexander i love this piece he discussed i'm sorry to read the current approach to greeting is conservator not for the progressive part of the development that should be we should not foster this to litigation nor should very
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attempt to restore some distant past real or imaginary doing nothing is not the best thing for the environment and this development can approve swoof harm and morph we need to place people at the center of the thinking and making the public participation important parts of planning elements fortunately someone can guide us none has better understood the complex nature in an frederick homeland and the first architect in my opinion is the greatest planner homestead a great nature but nature was not separate from manki mankind. >> my name is a ramon i'm representing tndc a low income
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housing development corporation i just want to we want to make it public owe on the record we're concerned with the number of rental units being sxhefrtd to student housing as we all know the largest source of low income housing in the city are rental units so ass those rent-controlled units are converted to student housing we're losing a huge number of rent-controlled units and being san francisco is an incredible displacement of people in the community we should be concerned about that and want to definitely be on the record that the planning commission will pay attention to this issue thank
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you. >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is tom jones a homeowner here in san francisco member the a i a and active in my home institution cal policy in the in the interest of time i want to alert i'm using the general comments to submit a detailed recommendations on actions that the department and the commission needs to take moving forward on the aau project going to be looking at the eir but have not looked at the estn we're concerned i've been working with the neighborhood and advocates you've not focused on the need for a consistent clear impact compassed core and that without doing that first your staff and you have possibly going to look at the use of residential and other buildings on the campus that is frankly
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too far spread apart the second principle all but 6 of the residential units they xhefrtsdz the low income and into sro hotels and our recommendation 4 of the buildings on sutro not put prior sro and the two work spaces that will be suitable to keep and use as campus housing interestingly enough those 6 buildings have 60 and the rest divested in the interest of time i want to show you two maps key i apologize this is sort of done by hand let me see if we can get those on the screens first i don't know if you can see that a little bit of a tilt if you notice in hand i've noticed the blue buildings are the academic buildings they seem to be spread as half a mile
9:01 pm
apart intervals a young person can walk with no rltsdz in 10 minutes we campus planners think we have to keep a campus within a half-mile you can't make classes if you have to walk further moving from the architecture building to the second street i have walked that today 2/3rd's of the length of the city of san francisco this is spread out we're being tolerant and saying we'll accept those boundary but no encroachment counts map is a quarter mile between the academic buildings forms a banana zone and everything you simply need to see no go thank you very much. >> i can submit those if the
9:02 pm
department wants copies of my comments. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> sue hester i will defer my comments on the findings for the eir we have an institution that has been for 25 years out of control there are four for profit institution that means they're not governed like everyone else in the city usf, san francisco art institute and the cca and hastings and san francisco state university usf nonprofits are
9:03 pm
government institution the profit to the families at least the stevens being the head of the unit urban forest the academy of art didn't submit an institutional master plan while their acquiring all the buildings and while their pondering the supply of affordable housing the result is a planning commission hadn't had what is it is supposed to have the ability to say give instructions to the academy on such thanks and concentrating the campus and building student housing not plundering housing you have hearings that are scheduled that are on the advanced a calendar 922, 31117 you should use those hearings you need to have if the imp is
9:04 pm
handled credible what are the topics i think you need to deal with a concentrating the campus b building housing building housing not using housing that is socializing needs for the citizens and limiting enrollment and the retailers have to tell them they must take out permits there is a huge backlog of illegal permits at the board of appeals not the planning commission because they were enforcement actions 22 buildings no permits no changes of use it is fairly arrogant that one institution just says oh, the planning code is irrelevant we don't have to comply that the
9:05 pm
planning code who would get way that or i want to see an example if there is a lot of money behind an institution permanently they can just say we're not going to comply you need to go back and have real hearings you should have had on the imp if they followed the imp law 25 is too much thank you. >> ms. johnson you've spoken on this item you've spoken under this item. >> oh. >> is there any additional public comment? >> hi commissioners i've spoken about this item before and i was very pleased when commissioner vice president richards opened this hearing today
9:06 pm
with quoting from the housing element of the general plan and talking about if you're taking away housing and converting to student use that was never part of the rent control and sros units you have to replace it i don't see the academy of art replying it only can implying the entire city without the rules i have to follow or anyone else in the audience has to follow when i i'm reading an option of allowing any of this illegal activity to be legal it makes they crazy i only hope that you get a count of all the units they have and force them to replace everyone they've took i don't understand why i'm
9:07 pm
paying fines they never have to pay fine they're not too big to fail sell a car or two and make up the loss of one more person buying an education please do our jobs again and look at this the art gentleman at the housing elements felt planning code start applying those to the big guy in the room for 25 years has been giving us the finger. >> public comment? >> general public comment is closed. commissioner vice president richards. >> one comment on one of the items one of the speakers i sat on the sebz for market octavia and made a 1-way street and go to a cac meeting and get interests in one of the area plans on any of the street we
9:08 pm
converted one that it takes time and money. >> commissioners, if there's nothing further, we'll move on to your regular calendar and in light of the general public comment that we've received i'll defer to our decision you may want to take item 9 out of order and a few academy of art or take 5 thirty broadway. >> item 8 is continued item 2 is pulled off of content. >> let's continue with the. >> aau matter. >> very good commissioners item 9 for case the academy of art project certification of the environmental impact report i'll note the public hearings the public hearings end on april 27th the planning commission today does not concourse public review of the
9:09 pm
eirs on the certification would have been present during the general public comment portion of the commission calendar that just occurred. >> so jonas if i may to clarify more folks for the broadway street it's been taken off content and heard after the next two items. >> good afternoon commissioner president fong and members i'm charley is a from the planning department i'm also joined by rick the senior environmental planner and transportation mclaren bret also from environmental planning that worked on the project pardon the item before you certification of the final environmental impact report for or eir to the academy of art university project the final estn was also provided to the commission on june 30th for informational purposes a
9:10 pm
copy of the draft eir certification motion is before you the draft eir was published on february 25, 2015, the public hearing on the draft was held april 2015 the public comment closed on february 2015 the responses was distributed and since the publication a number of updates and restrictions have been made to the proposed project these include changes to the proposed project at 225 jerry would to incorporate the facility use and place of recessional use and identification of a site on van ness as a site previously occupied by aau and not kernel in use by aau and to reflect the preparation of the aau transportation management plan by the platt
9:11 pm
those changes 80 were not would be substantially similar to the project analyzed in the draft eir and the environmental effects the same as identified the changes to the proposed project railroad with or not a avoid the one significant and unavoidable project on the environment from housing to lands and the two cumulative significant and unavoidableable housing demand and transit related impacts that were sdlosz o disclosed in the eir no project approval considered at the today is here's the first will be are for a building permit for the change of use from office to institutional use on hayes substantial user subsequent individual entitlements of the aau buildings are scheduled to be before the planning commission this fall subsequent to the publication we've received one comment
9:12 pm
letter an error in the coding rtc i've provided a copy this comment letter addresses four errors and not effect the conclusions of the eir you have an errata memo and extra copies for members of the public over on the table in addition the planning department and the planning commission received a letter from aau attorney zane of forest and points raised in regards to the rtc adequacy include housing demand impacts this letter suggests that the project does not have a significant impact on housing demand 3 differs from the conclusion of the eir and it states that the conclusions in the estn that the 4 sites existed in a demands for housing and displacement of housing are
9:13 pm
unyou substantiated and more housing for full-time students and enough existing proposed housing to dominate their demand they contend the eir and the estn are unsubstantiated the draft eir and estn determined there is a demand for approximately combined total up to 5 thousand dwelling units from the proposed aau use and may not be be or able to accommodate those needed dwelling units in existing vacant unit one the city and the ability for new environment to accommodate this that demand is unknown at this time additionally the draft eir stats on page 4 dash 426 that the proposal to provide an additional 200 and 20 rooms will not substantially mitigation this formal housing we believe
9:14 pm
the eir adequacy addressed it and determines they're significant and unavoidableable and additionally the letter from forest didn't support a claim that the impacts will not, significant in regards the estn states the removal of approximately, one and 43 dwelling units and group housing unit for student housing resulting in the removal from the citywide supply this can have displacement for housing to replace those from the citywide housing supply that determination was not bans the definition of residential used in the planning code rather on the environmental impact outlined in the study collect list in addition the estn stats where the aau converted
9:15 pm
residential use like tourist hotels to student housing has hesitate alleviated the fulfillment for housing you've received the final estn this is not before i for certification today and the last point transit mitigation the letter states that the eir does not meet the evidentiary burden to support the mitigation fees described in the eir as the measure c dash m dash 2 r is this requires the project sponsors so pay a fee inform fund transit for the kearny and stockton is outlined in the transportation sustainability fee without receiving credits for the previous uses the eir and the rtc described the mitigation is a mitigation fee to fund transit from impacts of the proposed project would
9:16 pm
result from the two corridors rather than an impact fee that will be applied citywide and circumstances where the project impacts will not effect those two transit corridors the project sponsor will be responsible for payment of the tsif for the applicable uses therefore the payment of the mitigation fee ramp the tsif is required in circumstances where the projects result in the impacts to 9 two transit lines and payment of the tsif will not mitigate the impacts of the project staff recommends you adopt the motion for the reports are adequate and accurate and procedures for which the final internal revenue comply with the ceqa and chapter 31 of the
9:17 pm
administrative code that concludes my presentation. i'm available to answer any questions. >> okay. thank you commissioner antonini. >> thank you yes. very impressed by this work spent the better part of last week reading all of the detail in the eir responses and the estn and i think that has been done very well and it present a lot of alternatives and you know, i know there are many comments but most of comments and comments responses dealt with the operations of the academy of art university rather than the adequacy of the eir which i think almost universal people of the this was adequate accurate and comprehensive
9:18 pm
there are areas of some cloudness i think can be resolved through the alternatives and during the approval process we'll follow with the individual items before us the issue of how many housing units actually were previously long term housing units and now student housing is a difficult target to identify we'll hear with more about that in the next item there is questionable nature the actual status of units before they became without permits for student housing for the academy of art university and there is also a big defensive difference between number of unit and group housing beds and you know beds unit and there are 3 actual categories of what we're dealing with it is a little bit hard to if i did all the numbers but whatever it is i
9:19 pm
think we certainly can have a great tool to work with with those documents that have been prepared and as we read and reread them and get clarification from staff and do further research as i've done and report to on the next item as to the status of those building we'll get a better target of the impacts of the academy is on you know a whole variety of issues but the eir has done a good job of addressing even though future impact of additional growth of the academy of art university in terms of traffic, housing demand, institutional space all the different indications we've addressed and also a lot of comments that were made in favor of the academy of art university
9:20 pm
from a whole difference number of groups to too extensive i may mention but again not pertain to the adequacy and accuracy and comprehensiveness of the eir but rather that they feel that the academy of art has made positive contributions so i'm happy with the documents and i will move to civil right. >> second. >> commissioner johnson. >> thank you. >> just want to follow up and shout out to the environmental department and the planning department you did a fantastic job chelsea awesome and regardless of what people opinions on the academy of art operation and where we should take that the eir not only satisfies the status quo under
9:21 pm
ceqa about a good baseline to understand has part of draft eir one of the main points that was brought up in terms of the unique structure of that eir that there is no way to go back really and look at the impacts of the kaurnt uses because there is a check elder level of information and history on what was there before all we can do is look at a baseline of where we are at today as the current environment and the impact of those uses in the future and plan and make a decision from there even though this is unique in how it was structured i feel it needs to be qualified to help us with our task going forward we look at tens of different levels of potential approvals or action items to see where we'll
9:22 pm
go i seconded the motion but shout out to the planning department fantastic work on this really, really helpful. >> commissioner vice president richards. >> i guess question for project sponsor. >> before we vote on this i just got it literally when i walked in this long letter that was certified by yours or yourself can you paraphrase your concerns around the final eir and estn. >> i'll be glad to first of all, plus a day for celebration this eir is extensive and has been worked on for a long time and a lot of effort to complete and it does finally allow the opportunity for the entire city to really turn to the question of the approvals and do it based on facts not just personal
9:23 pm
attacks and speculations this is something i think was very important the concerns we've expressed the facts contained in the eir and estn we really find very, very clear and have visually no disagreement the concerns has to do with with the conclusions that we're drawn and let me be clear about that the project really - to aspects of the project the existing facilities covered by the estn, and the estn found the existing conditions population and employment growth from the academies changes in used were insubordinate substantial in the estn that's the first part the second part is for the future growths the future growth
9:24 pm
that may occur the projects which was what was studied includes 200 and 20 new student housing beds to accommodate the growth that should be adequate for the proportion of housing that is required to meet the needs and i think that would be consistent with the facts as determined in the eir however, the conclusion that was drawn i think this is where the error it is that there would be an impact from the project even if that part of project which is an interval part were developed i think that is the first thing that - you can't take the one part and not the other of a project but look at it as a whole and the second thing on displacement if so this is for the estn really considers
9:25 pm
student housing a loss residential not lost it was residential it is residential that is a dive kinds of e kind of residential now policies you'll prefer one kind over another but as a matter of analytical treatment they're all residential so i think that's another error i think and the final error we think needs to be addressed is the transportation mitigation fee there is a transportation mitigation fee on the books under section 411 a of the planning code we know that a pause to a project so within the ambient of this provision have no objection the twists on this was to delete
9:26 pm
the credit otherwise given to everyone else this subject to this provision for uses that predate it. >> the particular project it as matter of elements of fairness if you take away that concreting credit your imposing a greater burden we frankly, we've heard the words we did not understand or agree with the alleged justification so those are the concerns very wrap up now it is very important this be serviced certified we've asked the commission to simply to make the corrections and civil right thank you very much.
9:27 pm
>> ms. jones anything. >> game-changer sarah jones environmental impact officer reflected our response to the issues rays but is project sponsor from a ceqa stand point do not agree with our position this is our objective analysis under the provisions of ceqa. >> thank you director rahaim. >> public comment is closed. is closed. >> ms. hester. >> i port the finding drafted by staff the staff is dealing with a difficult situation they have on institution that yielded clients for 25 years
9:28 pm
20 years up until the internal revenue and after they started so you have to make the finding that the staff has prepared your duke the reality of the world what has been done is designation of housing that had a real impact on housing in the city there is also been an impact on the - since you never had before you when they started their bus all over the place the increment on the buses i'm in the real worsened you're in the real world the academy of art is in a infancy land of non-compliance but have to make the fines that staff prepared on transportation and on housing in my opinion you should make more
9:29 pm
but i will leave that for later if you don't let those finding you're basically saying an institution can say we're not going to come that apply with the code you have to look at the tiny, tiny bit for an increment and so i ask you to adopt the findings don't change them at all thank you. >> okay commissioner antonini. >> yeah. i just wanted to add that my motion for approval included the moufgsz as introduced by staff at the beginning of the presentation i'll assume seconder is okay. >> yeah. yeah. >> commissioner moore. >> i think that is fair that commissioner vice president richards asked the question to state the .75 pages of reading at the last minute is impossible
9:30 pm
for someone to spent a lot of time and i believe the the position that the department has developed in its eir are complete and accurate and on this far too long it is a solid piece including the modifications listed. >> director rahaim. >> thank you commissioners this is obviously an important moment in time in terms of our addressing the issue of the academy of art and everybody this or everything this is happening everyone as we should civil right today and that's an important point that we all recognize that is an important step to move forward and get resolution i want to take a moment if i might to thank itself staff this is an effort and highly complicated and unusual so first to clael. >>for managing this thing for i don't know 3, 4, 5 years and
9:31 pm
rick cooper so thank you i'll say sadly this is sarah jones last eir the eir for as the ero we'll miss her i don't like to say she'll not be here she has two or three more weeks that the department and also change christopher the enforcement side and scott sanchez and the rest of the staff that is one of the most challenging things as an agency over my tenure dealing with a difficult situation and politicalized situation i'm happy to be at that point we've got a lot more work to do is where he to come to a larger settlement but want to take this moment to mildly celebrate had
9:32 pm
this milestones >> commissioners, if there's nothing further, we'll move on to there is a motion that has been seconded to civil right the environmental impact report. >> commissioner antonini. >> commissioner johnson. >> commissioner moore. >> commissioner wu commissioner vice president richards and commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 6 to zero and places us on item 10 pca for the academy of art tech amendment. >> thank you, commissioners i want to clarify a few issues maybe some confusion this week regarding the logical proposal a way to start the legislation as you may know most through the board of supervisors initiate by the board and initiative by our department that requires an initiation hearing simple this
9:33 pm
and by application which in this case there is an application by the academy of art university for some more comprehensive code amendments what is before you now is staffs preferred alter that is a limited legislative approach that legalized two property and go into further detail a subsequent hearing on the cameras proposal on this sometime after on or after september 22nd you'll have the ability to take objection axon that and, of course, on appeal process for the academy if their legislative proposals are denied by the commission and as part of this we're giving you a sneak peak based on the previous communication we're not supportive ever their proposals and would likely recommend that you deny what they are moving to applied for but we want to hear our comments and your thoughts.
9:34 pm
>> come back from the future for the consideration. >> good afternoon, commissioners tilly chang department staff the the item before you to initiative as mention staffs recommended issues the action before the commission didn't involve a decision on the substance but allows the noticing period that makes 20 years in advance the adoption we'll discuss further in a bit as a bit of background and as alluded to the zoning administrator stimulated estimated two applications one related to brandon requesting the legalization to extend to the property and then the second one related to the property using student housing on bush street and
9:35 pm
octavia and pining, sutro van ness and van ness avenue at the adoption hearing we're looking at but recommended to be held on september 22nd of the this year the commission will have both the planning department proposed ordinance as well as those proposed by aau to consider the department is recommending the commission initiative this based on the staff recommendations at the may 19 and included in the case packet to briefly reiterate the department is inclined to look at the citywide goal for the protection of the housing stock and to require the institutions to meet the housing aside from the two afrnsz and the 2211 van ness the department didn't find that neurology the
9:36 pm
other 5 property will support of policy recommendations as well as the goals and objectives in the general plan the department proposes the department initiative the illegal legalization of van ness for the reasons stated above the ordinance recommended by the department establishes 3 safeguard their occur with the boundaries of popping for the conversion including those in planning code but also adds additional criteria in the case packet and limits the ordinance to have timely timeframe and the ordinance establishes conditions for the operation of the abilities including the maintenance of a community liaison and short-term rentals
9:37 pm
the proposal by the planning department before the commission so is that any initiate the time for the ordinance the term recommended for the resolution to initiate and consider adoption on or after september 22, 2015, they may choose to adopt it by staff or aau at that time, that concludes my presentation. i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> okay. thank you. >> at this time we'll like to off the project sponsor an opportunity to - >> present. >> i'm on behalf of the academies there's a bit of confusion that was caused by the staff report which stated that the recommendation go of the staff was to initiate the staffs proposed amendment
9:38 pm
and to not initiate the academies requested amendments so, of course, it created the impression that did staff was asking the commission to reject at this time the academies proposals which would have been a very serious legal matter and an unfair policy matter fortunately that error in the description of this was corrected mr. sanchez called me to advise me that the staff had seen the error and therefore wanted to reassure the academy that both of the academies appropriately amendments are alive and well and will be considered at the same time and on the same footing before this
9:39 pm
commission as the proposals that the staff may have proposed and with that clarification i just wanted to observe a couple of problems with the staffs proposal is the academies proposal will maintain the existing inventory of student housing the staffs will not actually force students who are currently living in established student housing to move out and become compete oversees in the open market this is not a good result i don't think and this provides a rate that is reasonable for students but if the staffs proposal is adopted those students are moved out the
9:40 pm
those particular units will be available at point market-rate and will become very, very expensive given today's environment third there is an assumption built in assumption that the general plan requires the students for schools to conduct new housing it didn't if you read the housing element policy one .9 you sha should meet meet the housing demand generated not it has to be through new communication that is an underpinning of the staffs position because i think an error. >> and finally this is just making this clear the reason that the academy is here asking for its legislation to be pursued only because it is
9:41 pm
waiting since 2007 with pending conditional use applications and long before any special amendment will be required for fairness we propose not initiate the staffs proposal but rather pursue and await a hearing on the academies proposal i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> okay. thank you very much. >> opening it up for public comment now two speaker cards chris and jim. >> i'm sorry - >> would you like him follow now? okay. you you have 6 minutes remaining before public comment thank you >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm jim from morrison forest and one point on
9:42 pm
item number ten that's settlement each of the speakers that you've heard today university a word about the academy should want this matter resolved and each of the speakers you've heard should want it resolved in the best interests of the city it is an easy formula to state i'm not a planning expert or lawyer i recommended the city on several occasions for is moscone center for that was allowed to be built and the radio turn over and on the hill i don't know how you feel about the radio tower we handled to case in december we want to commend give you a status you're the client the negotiations held by the attorney you're the client i'm sure you've been off the record
9:43 pm
offer we've made and as you may know you know those negotiations are alive and open i anticipate in a few days ahead another effort to be made i am hopeful and can't guarantee is that this matter might be resolved before labor day i can assure you whatever energy i might have and ability at negotiation i can display will be spent between now and labor day to bring this matter to an end and everybody should want that note for me to say what's in the interest of the city but the question was raised a number of unit i would say a complex matter but not that complex a number we have a number and the city has a number we come to a number and it's over what will that do for any client they can resume a
9:44 pm
condition of the educating young artist i think you think that is a good thing and want to get this behind them and the risk is something that can be resolved since december we have worked on this i can tell you that because we're attorneys and work with the client i do have a view not shared by any of the speakers about whether the client wants to resolve this and the answer to that is simple the client wants to resolve it and the only way to resolve it is something that the city findings in the city's interest if it is done and done properly hopefully it won't satisfy everyone but hopefully, the clients about die down and the
9:45 pm
academy can educate the sculpture sculpture and architects and everyone i appreciate the time to be here. >> opening up for public comment i think i'll called one additional card chris shaffer and additional public commenters. >> wow. okay chris chauffeuring first of all, let's have technology student housing is for the housing it is a dorm and a person that used to live in housing who was evicted are can't get into that because it was converted to a dorm that's calleded a resident a distinction between housing and a dorm student housing and a hotel i can continue let's be clear about that, and, secondly, a reasonable rate to students so happened i looked at their rates and usf rates aau is double just
9:46 pm
for openers and another one the idea that if we have students leave their housing and put a demand on where the residents turn that around that's exactly what happened whether they forced other people out of their housing so okay lenny goes to something else this is extremely important aau is blaming the lag on the as opposed to to their lack of will and lack of transparency when usf designed their institutional master plan we worked with their neighbors over a year and it created a very specific document with specific guidelines timelines, etc. that we working with us give us a constant update on the 65 different things they've agreed to and what i would say
9:47 pm
when you listen to aau you need to have first oversight if that what about some kind of a group of stakeholders that aau actually is impacting that would be their nearby neighbors or the affordable housing advocates it needs to have more input and transparency that's one thing the second is that it needs to have more specific outlet >> aau should be back within an update and 10 years with a new imp that reflects the growth i don't think there should be a growth of students with whatever their dorm students a student is not the same thing as a resident
9:48 pm
do not be deceived 124e should have a cap on student enrollment and complied with everything and not an increase in enforcement until they totally come into compliance and usf working being just u ta a small neighborhood their mitigation no other was $1.2 million he finds that aau is suggesting is far too small remember an imp is not an event. >> thank you, ma'am, your time is up. >> thank you jonas. >> next speaker, please. >> hello, my name is silvia johnson. and i'll give the interesting results on this this is a operations it's been chartered for muni for you
9:49 pm
supervisors an update - for increasing and i agree with that and in direction situations that are enforcing a proposal votes of city like operations june 7th in 2016 and that was not even you know encouraged allowed for housing and the development prices and which sections it goes on for planning has en complete unparalleled for rising and this is not even equivalent on the
9:50 pm
affordable housing as for the levels that have put - whatever code and you know they're increasing other one thousand seven hundred and this is being really put out of market we want our motivates right and putting stocking and controlling where us our packages go and how we do it is one of the things we need to solve on businesses and making our business better and confusing and congestions and all other parts on why we should put these - on the market is in the explainable and i'm thinking
9:51 pm
this you can't why we don't have good businesses or anything that results in this matter and as far as the articles i've put to me move it is not worthy the issue that is put on the movie projections and not part of the projects is not worthy our time. >> i'm sure to wait for the time to reset my name is brad paul i he was remiss in not thanking the staff that worked on this and echo the director comments about how long the
9:52 pm
staff is working and an excellent job not only the four or five people but all the people deserve extra days off i'm come in support of staff recommendation on the proposed legislation and urge you to calendar as their attorney said calendar this for september 22nd the aau proposal and deny it there's a word for their proposal it is ridiculous the idea that their housing is the same as regular housing is easy to refute the barrier to housing is the high rent the bare in their units you pay the high rented and put down $20,000 it is apples and oranges the units they had before anyone can go down and rent them you can't walk into the buildings and ask to rent if you're not a student as the two speakers said this is not housing it is college dorm
9:53 pm
they need to build and take their students out of believes in violation and put them in buildings they build i hate to contradict dan one of my favorite attorneys and the problem is not his or his making his clients i'll remind you this firm that started in 2007 was the eight law firm there is a reason why the other 7 don't work there and finally i've watched the two republican and democratic conventions and an anger across the country and a lot of the anger is on the idea for some people the system is rigged to benefit certain people and against the rest of the united states like billionaires like donald trump that live in a
9:54 pm
different world they use their own facts they live somewhere i don't know and the anger about the case this system is rigged in their favor for decades over decades as essentialist said your staff made good recommendations i urge you on behalf of all of us in the room to stand up we live by the same rules and laws and have to abide by those laws again, i urge you to support our staffs recommendation and on september 22nd reject the academy of art to undo what they're proposing thank you.
9:55 pm
>> - the blanket approval of a definition of housing i think that really is important to put 3 things on the table as he move forward in terms of due process one is the principle that both how you draw the campus boundary and how you address this legislation are rooted in the notion of a compact identifiable campus with some restriction we allowed the housing out outdoor of the district it is suitable to build student stipulated housing an example after the fact the cca partnered with a private developer in the hot housing market with incredible
9:56 pm
concrete construction and able to build brand new housing at the or below what aau is charging for building they've acquired 20 years ago it is not an impede do not let them out and they must return the housing exemption of 6 back to the original uses i have a plan and third we need to make this discussion in the context of linking their enrollment to a stipulation they build new housing a robust hearing host by the supervisor wiener within the last 6 months several institutions struggling to attract the qualified students to - are motivated to build
9:57 pm
even at the ridiculous prices they must the fact is aau has accessed to continue to buy existing housing off the market or regarded x fact with the kind of the students are in there you want me to evict them yes not immoral those students so the subsequent year not there and start over with the chaplain enrollment i commend the staff and offer any assistance to them in the future if they desire thank you. >> next and david wu and angelica. >> i'm representing tndc again like i said before the loss of rent-controlled units is a terrible present for the city
9:58 pm
to have a housing crisis and so we will urge the city and the commission to been just the great loss of low income housing what that effects the workers that have to work in the city that have to commute from far away and think about them such as we should think about students students are transitional they come and go and residents stay here for a long time and we just want to make sure that the city knows where tndc stands on this and want the commission to really take into consideration the loss of these low income housing units and the need to develop a lot more low income housing in the city thank
9:59 pm
you. >> hi could you reset the timer please good afternoon, commissioners i'm angelica with soft cam provides the service including the tenant education for over three hundred low income cabinet families especially the filipino community soft 10 is involved in the first filipino culture heritage established an april 2, '32 by the board of supervisors by sad admission the filipino the board of supervisors are acknowledging the contribution of the filipino community to san francisco and commit to further develop the soma the original center of filipino culture representing the contributions of the
10:00 pm
community and little neighborhoods also to stabilize the filipino businesses and communities serving institutions the tenants provide support to the majority filipino tenants who lived in rent control buildings those are tenants that faces the eviction and harassment if they have to leave their homes the type of housing the aau has been engolfing all over the place and not replacing the type of housing aau is illegally converting to private dorms instead of the ongoing special treatment of aau we want in support of recommendations of the department staff and add on that aau has the rent-controlled units that are are illegally converted back to the city's rent-controlled units stock is